While classrooms of Waldorf schools the world over will look nearly identical to one another, each school's administration and governance model is unique. At Marin Waldorf School we have two main governing bodies; the Board of Trustees and the College of Teachers.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Marin Waldorf School that hold the legal and fiscal oversight. Our Trustees are a group of up to fourteen voting members including parents, teachers, and outside community members dedicated to the mission and values of Marin Waldorf School. Board members contribute a considerable amount of time, resources, energy and expertise toward the health and future development of our school. 

Ravi Kumar
Stephen Nobs
Rob Cochran
Tracie Pezzullo
Nicole Grinsell
Vikram Nijjar
Kina Mandelbrot
Shane Valentine
Brenda Novick
Nicole Mathers
Justin Flake
Ben Bailey
Johanna Schleret

College of Teachers

The College of Teachers, together with the faculty, sets and carries out important policy directions affecting the school's educational programs, academic standards, and curriculum development. The College of Teachers ensures that the impulse and intention of Waldorf education is present in every aspect of the curriculum, grounds, and the festival life at Marin Waldorf School.