Upper Grades
5th - 8th

The approach to Waldorf liberal arts education is creative - but it is also rigorous. Entering into the upper grades with a foundation of strength and self-sufficiency, the child can now successfully enter into the next developmental stage where he can flourish. This is a time of awareness and self-discovery which lays the path for a lifelong love of learning.

5th Grade 

The Fifth grade child has crossed over into harmonious balance where they can begin to flourish. This is the time to establish foundations for their future.

Curriculum: Ancient Civilizations, botany, research compositions, foreign language, string ensemble, painting, sculpture, geometry, ratios & proportions, class play.


6th Grade

The child takes a firm, intentional step into the outer world and becomes aware of the changes in their body. With increasing awareness of the physical self, the time is right for study of the physical body of the earth.

CurriculumRoman history, geology, minerals, climate, physics, astronomy, literature, biography speech, drama, history, recitation, pre-algebra, business math, cultural studies, choir, woodworking.


7th Grade 

As the seventh grade child enters puberty they are on their way to selfhood. A spirit of inquiry and creativity needs to be fostered to allow for a sweet entry into adulthood.

CurriculumAge of Exploration, Renaissance and Reformation, creative writing, speech, drama, Euclidean geometry, business math, chamber orchestra, perspective drawing.

8th Grade 

The child experiences a birth into intellectual consciousness. They become more aware of themselves and their own organic processes, drives, and rhythms of their body.

CurriculumAge of Revolutions, Civil Rights, Shakespeare, creative writing, speech, drama, Euclidean geometry, human physiology & anatomy, organic chemistry, physics, aerodynamics, meteorology, chamber orchestra, carpentry, perspective drawing.