Early Childhood

An environment with rhythm and wonder that feels like home.

Current cognitive studies show that play based early education is the most academic program possible for young minds.

Parent - Child

A rhythmic Waldorf morning that honors the wisdom in each child and parent on their journey together. The children play nearby as parents join together at the table for tea, conversation and handwork. Discussions include such topics as rhythm and routine, sleep, healthy movement and development, care and protection of the senses, Waldorf education, and nourishing ourselves as parents.


A nurturing environment that is rhythmic in nature ensures a strong sense of consistency, order and security - essential to the healthy development of the young child. Everything that is done in the class has a purpose, instilling a sense of joy and care for every task. The atmosphere is homelike and the focus is on play and cultivating the imagination. Outdoor playtime is scheduled everyday, rain or shine.


Through creative play and purposeful work the children learn to care for the environment and respect the work of others. Practical activities like gardening, cooking, cleaning, polishing, sweeping, tidying up their toys and keeping everything in its place creates order in their world and gives rise to a capacity for inner discipline and a respectful relationship with the environment.