Marin Waldorf School


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School overview

As Marin County's only fully accredited Waldorf school, we are uniquely placed to provide the remarkable Waldorf curriculum that is rich in languages, healthy movement, expressive arts and music, mathematics and the sciences. At every developmental stage, our students encounter activities that engage the mind, fire the imagination and strengthen the will in order to foster each child's unique capacities.

Marin Waldorf School Campus

Marin Waldorf School Campus

The school community has a vibrant culture rich in diverse ethnicities, religious orientation and economic backgrounds. Bonded by the shared values inherent to Waldorf Education, parents, teachers and staff work together to support the growth of the students and the promise they hold for the future.


Nestled among the exquisite rolling hills of Lucas Valley, our families enjoy an expansive 10-acre campus with play fields, biodynamic gardens, beautiful heritage oaks and redwood groves. The children have fresh air and connection with nature that helps them thrive. Our proximity to thousands of acres of Marin County Open Space also provides an excellent outdoor classroom for our Environmental Education Program.

MWS Graduates

Our graduates are prepared to skillfully navigate an ever-changing world and to participate as thoughtful, resourceful and confident young men and women. They enter local and regional high schools equipped with intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. MWS graduates excel at schools such as Summerfield, San Francisco Waldorf, Marin Academy, Sonoma Academy, San Dominico as well as local public high schools. 


The Campus



"Waldorf places the development of the individual child in the focal point, convinced that the healthy individual is a prerequisite for a healthy society.” - The International Conference on Education of the United Nations Educational and Scientific Cultural Organization.

The relationship between the teacher and the child is a critical component to Waldorf Education. A distinction of Waldorf teachers is their passion for individuality and commitment to nurturing each student’s mind. With an emphasis on hands-on experience over standardized testing, Waldorf teachers help their students to explore curricula through diverse activities, with plenty of room to customize lesson plans. The fluidity of this approach provides extensive engagement that leads to lifelong connections with the material taught, the teachers involved and the bigger questions at the heart of each subject.



While classrooms of Waldorf schools the world over will look nearly identical to one another, each school's administration and governance model is unique. At Marin Waldorf School we have two main governing bodies; the Board of Trustees and the College of Teachers. We also espouse a dual-administration team with Faculty Administrator and a Business Administrator.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Marin Waldorf School that hold the legal and fiscal oversight. Our Trustees are a group of up to fourteen voting members including parents, teachers, and outside community members dedicated to the mission and values of Marin Waldorf School. Board members contribute a considerable amount of time, resources, energy and expertise toward the health and future development of our school. 

Full Board of Trustees 2016-2017

Jennifer Dye, Parent Trustee and Board Chair
Justin Flake, Parent Trustee and Board Vice Chair
BG Weiss, Parent Trustee and Finance Committee Chair
Jordis Weaver, Parent Association Representative and Secretary
Carol Adee, Faculty Trustee
Kathy Darcy, Faculty Trustee
Gail Weger, Faculty Trustee and Chair of the College of Teachers
Stephanie Felton-Priestner, Faculty Trustee
Todd Seaver, Parent Trustee
Michael Robbins, Parent Trustee
Guido Quaroni, Parent Trustee
Susan Hurst, Parent Trustee
Nicole Grinsell, Community Trustee
Nancy Moody, Community Trustee
Will Stapp, Business Administrator (ex-officio member)

College of Teachers

The College of Teachers, together with the faculty, sets and carries out important policy directions affecting the school's educational programs, academic standards, and curriculum development. The College of Teachers ensures that the impulse and intention of Waldorf education is present in every aspect of the curriculum, grounds, and the festival life at Marin Waldorf School.