New Parent-infant & Parent-Toddler Classes start april 22, 2019

Parent Toddler Classes with Brenda Novick

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Parents and their toddlers (walking to 3 years old) are invited to participate in a rhythmical Waldorf morning. The children enjoy free play with toys made of natural materials that are designed to encourage healthy exploratory movement and play.

The parents join together at the table for tea, conversation and seasonal crafting. Discussion topics include rhythm and routine, sleep, healthy movement and development, care of the senses, Waldorf education, and nourishing ourselves as parents.  Our goal, through observation, is to honor the wisdom in each child and parent. We gather to sing, play and share a warm snack. We end our morning with outdoor play. Articles are handed out weekly to support parenting and family life.

*Classes are from 9 - 11 am and the Spring Session goes from April 22 through June 7, 2019.

Parent & Toddler   Age: Walking to 3 years old

Parent & Older Toddler   Age: 2 - 3 years old

Marin Waldorf Now Offers Parent Infant Classes with Jennifer Curtis


Parents and their infants are invited to discover how, just as the child’s first teacher is his parent, the parent’s first teacher is her child.  With facilitator Jennifer Curtis, parents will share in the beautiful unfolding of their child's first relationships—with themselves, with others, and their surroundings.

Warmly guided by an experienced facilitator, parents receive a very special opportunity to thoughtfully observe their little ones in this unique group setting as we intentionally grant them the freedom “to be.”  

This class is founded upon Magda Gerber’s guiding principles that infants are born as competent individuals who can actively problem-solve, will develop fully when allowed to freely explore their world (in a safe, age-appropriate environment) and have the right to be engaged with authenticity, appreciated for what they can do now and handled with regard and respect.

*The Spring Session runs from April 22 through June 7, 2019.