New Parent-infant & Parent-Toddler Classes start in september

Parent Toddler Classes with Brenda Novick & Parent Baby Classes with Marieke Duijneveld

Fall 2019 Parent Child.png

Parents and their toddlers (walking to 3 years old) are invited to participate in a rhythmical Waldorf morning. The children enjoy free play with toys made of natural materials that are designed to encourage healthy exploratory movement and play.

The parents join together at the table for tea, conversation and seasonal crafting. Discussion topics include rhythm and routine, sleep, healthy movement and development, care of the senses, Waldorf education, and nourishing ourselves as parents.  Our goal, through observation, is to honor the wisdom in each child and parent. We gather to sing, play and share a warm snack. We end our morning with outdoor play. Articles are handed out weekly to support parenting and family life.

*The fall session begins in Sept. 16, 2019 and runs through mid-December.

Younger Toddler Classes - Walking to 2 years old

Older Toddler Classes - 2 to 3 years old

Mixed Age Classes - Walking to 3 years old

Parent Baby Classes - Birth to Walking