Making a cash donation to Marin Waldorf School is a great way to support our this year's Fund-A-Need; the Kindergarten Yard Renovation. We raised $9230 at our Spring Party. We need your help to raise $17,770 more!

Every dollar you donate goes directly to supporting our students. Our Fund-A-Need brings use and function to the outdoor space used by the Kindergartens for half their day.

Children that live in the Bay Area today have a very different culture that surrounds them than from 20 years ago. A culture that all too easily lets their children sit in front of a screen to be entertained. Children need to move and interact with other living beings. They need the opportunity to explore nature; listen to the birds, watch a bee buzz from flower to flower, wonder at worms and bugs, watch the changing weather, and enjoy tasks together with their other children and adults outdoors.

In the past ten years, the preschool and kindergarten yards have lost 5 playhouses to the elements and were needed to be torn down. Now is the time to replace them!

Stage One - Build the “Garden Classroom”

Cost ~$18,000

Stage Two - Build a Kinder Garden

Cost ~$5000

Stage Three - Build Children’s Playhouses (4)

Cost ~$4000

MWS is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, so your donation is fully tax deductible. 

Contact Melissa Monterrosa for questions.